Pedder Bay And Boat Launch Times


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Thinking of making my first trip down Island on Friday and, from looking at the charts, Pedder Bay or maybe Cheema (sp?) seem to be good spots to launch my boat. With the additional benefit of having some protected water to fish if the wind kicks up. Not sure which would be better?

Looking at the tide tables I see 0.5m @ 9:00 AM, rising to 1.2 m at noon. Any idea what the minimum tide height necessary at Pedder or Cheema is necessary for a good launch?

scott craven

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from my experience Pedder would suit you better
wide ramps, lots of parking etc.
Cheanuh is ok, the facilities are not quite as good...
you are only 10 mins. away from each other, so you can check
them both out.


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I would say Cheanuh is your best bet simply because the most productive spots this time of year are way closer...Church to Secretary.

If strong winds prevail, Beecher Bay up to Aldridge Point are relatively sheltered from prevailing westerlies and give up a fair share of slabs.

These are the reason I launch there over Pedder. As for facilities, Cheanuh may not be as polished as Pedder but the ramp and parking are more then adaquate to suit your needs. The weekend mornings can be busy so earlier or later are your best bet.

As far as I know, both mainas are launchable at low tides.

Just my humble opinion.

scott craven

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check out the latest reports juan....
you will see the fishing is pretty darn good right
out of pedder bay !


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Don't forget 'Pacific Lion's Marina'. Its in Campbell Cove west side of Becher Bay.Road access is Becher Bay Rd. When it's too windy & rough to fish (happens lots)... Go tie -up, Have a snack at the 'Smokin Tuna Cafe' and LOOK around at launch etc... maybe next time?[^]Good Luck[8D]


I don't think that they do day Launches at Pacific Lions. You would have to stay overnight. If you are camping it is really nice there.


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Sounds good so far, but still concerned about launching.
Are both suitable for use when the tide is below 1.0m (3 feet)?

Tips Up

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How big is your boat?

As stated either ramp is good. Pedder is paved driveway, parking and ramp. Cheanuh is gravel driveway and parking lot with a paved ramp.

Six of one...



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Cheanuh, better fishing and you don't have to run the race if the current and wind gets nasty. Tide heights don't effect either launch.


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Ok, Thanks Guys.
Long as I can launch at any time I think I'll make the drive down.
Probably fish Pedder Bay.
Lot's of areas down there I have to get acquainted with.
Tight lines...


I never go to Pedder unless I have to weigh in a fish for the JDF. I trailer a 21’ Explorer and Pedder Bay has a very small turn around and dick for trailer parking.


Couple of things (OK a few)...Last time I checked Cheanuh was cheaper to launch.

Cheanuh also has a ramp which is more even on both sides, if it's a really low tide you can only use one side at Pedder so Cheanuh wins there.

If the wind blows up like it tends to in the afternoon and you're coming into Pedder it can be a real pain to get your boat tied up and centered on the trailer...the Westerly wind can really move through there as it's a small and narrow channel/valley in a West to East configuration.

Cheanuh is well protected at the ramp, and there is more room for the boats to que-up if the tide is low. Plus there is a lot more room for the launch and pull outs to que-up.

As mentioned earlier, closer multiple fishing opportunities from Cheanuh plus it's not too bad to fish the bay if the wind blows up, or go over to the Smokin' Tuna as someone said.

I fished both lots and it's Cheanuh for me unless the fishin' is hot right in Pedder Bay.


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Only on extreme low tides is Cheanah's ramp in a unlaunchable state. I have only seen it that way a few times. Also the fuel dock is almost sitting in the mud at the extreme - tides.

However As mentioned Pedder is in worse shape at these lows. There is a big drop off the edge of the ramp that many a truck has hung up on at low tide.

Parking at Pedder with a big trailer can be tough, however this year with Sooke Harbour marina shutting down, parking will be crazy at both marina's Last year weekends were difficult enough to park.


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Don't fish anywhere usually.
Just getting back to proper rercreation after too many years away.
Fished down that way only once a few years ago in a Pedder Bay rental boat.
Now have a 16 footer to trailer down from Cowichan area and want to explore that area.
Original question was posed because of the low tides in the next few days. (Pedder Bay Marina even has a 'Be Aware' notice on their web site.)
At Cowichan Bay I've learned not to hit the ramp at 1.3m or less tide level.

Never did go down today. Weather sounded iffy, small craft warning was up for Juan de Fuca. Probably turned out calm and sunny - at least it was here.

Time (for fishing)