Campbell River Pinks 2022


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Figured I'd kick the tires on the pink run what's it like in the river, many started running up yet? Hoping to take my younger cousins out soon.


It is absolutely incredible. More now than anytime last year. All silver and still decently aggressive early in the morning. Not to many people out yet either. We were out that way the last 3 days and it was unreal how many are going up. Looks like it will be a big run. If you're looking to keep some now is the time. Take the kids and have a blast.


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Lots of good sized Pinks. It is a bit of a gong show from the Quinsam River down to Sandy Pool, but lots of fish are being taken.

Unfortunately there is little or no enforcement so snaggers and flossers are rampant. The hot weather doesn't seem to be impacting the number of people fishing.


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I like to fish down behind the old brick building, better flor for fly fishing and less crowds.

Coyote Spooner

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I fished the Quinsam yesterday, up near the hatchery. Lots of fish in there, at various stages. But I couldn’t get them to bite. They all shifted out of the way, to avoid my spoon. Maybe the Campbell is better for fresher fish. At dawn and dusk the bears are out doing their rounds for floaters.


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How's the tapioca this year?
Yeesh. I stopped by the Campbell once last year and released quite a few mega tapioca feesh. Pretty gnarly. These days I tend to go further north for food pink fishin'. I did get one heavily tapioca'd fish in the Eve, too, last year.