Travel time from PA to Bamfield by boat

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How long does it take to travel from PA to Bamfield in good water conditions?

I know that travel needs to be done in the morning as the wind picks up in the afternoon in the summer


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I forgot to add my cruising speed. On avg. about 25 mph to keep fuel consumption down. Looks to me about approx. 36 miles by the Navionics Chart Viewer so I guess it could take approx. 1.5 hrs.

Yep. We're all going to be launching out from Port same time if your coming on our trip in August. Don't worry about road bamfield etc. It takes usually hour and 15 up canal unless @chris73 pins it lolol. It's not far at all.

Your rig won't be that much gas.
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That man is always ahead of the pack, lol
He passed me a couple months ago coming back in the fog from big bank like I was standing still lol.

If you have a Navionics account and subscription its pretty accurate minus weather on how long it will take you to travel the distance. Will also show fuel economy. Just punch in your boat size and cruising speed
hit route, automatic


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That man is always ahead of the pack, lol
His boat does ride nice.
I filled it up once before fuel prices got stupid, it was not fun then. I can't imagine what it costs now.


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I've done that trip 100's of times from Clutesi to Bamfield - dock to dock allow 1.5 hours at normal cruise speeds...and watch out for many dead heads and logs in the Alberni end of the I would recommend going early (pre-noon) to avoid afternoon winds and waves in Nahmint.