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This forum has been set up for members only.

Post if item is For Sale, Wanted or for Trade in the subject box of the post

You are responsable for also posting your location and contact information either email address or phone number and price in your post.

Sportfishingbc is not and cannot be held responsable for any transactions that take place on or from this Forum.

This Forum will be monitored and moderated like any other Forum on Sportfishingbc for Spam or misuse. We discourage people from just becoming a member of this Site to post ads on this forum which may cause their posts to be deleted and their membership to be revoked.

This forum is for personal use only. Commercial or Business or Spam Posts will be deleted and the poster will be warned by Email only once prior to having their membership revoked.

Any misuse of this or any other feature on this site may result in being warned or being banned from this site!!!!!!;)

The Moderating Team

Please enjoy this New member requested Forum. [8D]

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