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Win A Reel: Support Wild Salmon in BC

By Pacific Salmon Foundation, 🕔Thu, Nov 19th, 2015


Donate to Win

This year PEETZ Outdoors is challenging donors to support the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project with a handcrafted mahogany and brass reel featuring carvings by Kwagiulth master carver Jason Henry Hunt. This is the last of six commissioned hand-numbered 'Artist Proofs' signed and uniquely embellished by the artist. All have been donated to charitable initiatives with some valued at more than $5,000 each through live auction. For every $100 you donate by December 31, 2015 at midnight you will recieve one entry. So $500 means five entry. Thanks to a matching fund your donation will be doubled!

You can donate online right now at Your donation will help restore the Strait of Georgia Coho and Chinook fishery, and the entire BC fishery. Here's why.

Fraser salmon are BC salmon

Did you know that the Fraser watershed is the largest contributor to the entire B.C. fishery? That's because salmon travel, often for thousands of kilometers in a lifetime. So when you're catching a fish at your favorite spot in Haida Gwaii or on the Central Coast of BC, you could be catching a fish returning to its natal stream in the lower mainland. That's why the Pacific Salmon Foundation is leading Canadian efforts for the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project to address factors that are killing young salmon in the Strait of Georgia, before they leave for open ocean, and ultimately return via fisheries all along the B.C. coast.

Salish Sea Marine Survival Project

The Salish Sea Marine Survival Project (The Project) is a five-year $20 million initiative to research and restore Coho, Chinook and Steelhead populations in the US/ Canadian waters of the Salish Sea (Strait of Georgia, Puget Sound, Strait of Juan de Fuca). The $10 million budget for Canadian efforts targeted at the Strait of Georgia is almost fully-funded, but relies on annual donations of $400,000 to keep the Project going at full speed. Donate today and your donation will be magnified with a matching fund of up to $55,000 and every $100 increment donated will get an entry to win a hand-carved Artist Proof reel. So a $500 donation means five entries.

Salmon aquaculture, seals, habitat loss...

Seal preedation study Salish Sea Marine Survival Project

Studies suggest that causes for declining salmon populations occur in the early marine phase of their lifecycle in the Salish Sea before leaving for open ocean. Coho, Chinook and Steelhead have experienced ten-fold declines in survival during the marine phase.

Historically, our collective understanding of what drives salmon and Steelhead survival in saltwater has been fragmented, and acknowledged as a critical information gap that needs to be addressed to make real progress toward salmon recovery and sustainable fisheries. The Project will be the first time the Salish Sea has been studied from an ecosystem context, considering the interaction of all factors that could be affecting salmon. These factors include salmon aquaculture, hatchery production, seal predation, loss of habitat, loss of forage fish, ocean acidification, harmful algae blooms, and more.

How Your Donation Can Help

Anglers become scientists for Citizen Science Program

Donors of the Project can expect a 4:1 leverage, meaning every dollar you donate actually has the impact of $4. This is because the project leverages the resources of 33 Canadian partners, many who are providing access to salaried staff, labs, scientific equipment, vessel and professional collaborations.

Directed donations will help fund key components of the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project, such as:

Community groups prepare eelgrass for restoration project

The project engages community groups in habitat restoration such as eelgrass planting.

• Research and restoration of the kelp and eelgrass that are critical habitat for juvenile salmon; and monitoring and assessment of harmful algae blooms and potential ecosystem impacts. (These projects each cost upwards of $50,000 annually.)

• Operation of "citizen science" boats to collect oceanographic data and assess annual changes in the Strait of Georgia. (Each vessel costs about $15,000 per year to operate.)

• Support university researchers who are using cutting-edge genomics to study potential for disease in wild, hatchery and aquaculture salmon – of particular interest for people concerned about possible disease-transfer from salmon farms to wild salmon. (We need $300,000 during the next two years to fully execute this research with Genome B.C.)

Four easy ways to donate

1. Donate online at, click 'Donate'
2. Buy Christmas presents from our online store with all proceeds supporting salmon conservation
3. Contact Cory Matheson at (604) 664-7664 or to discuss giving opportunities.

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