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PEETZ Releases 2016 Artist Series Limited Edition Reel Design

By PEETZ, 🕔Fri, Jun 24th, 2016


PEETZ is proud to introduce the 2016 limited edition Artist Series reels, entitled "Orca, Salmon and Moon". Teaming up once again with renowned Kwaguilth master carver and artist Jason Henry Hunt, the new design has the orca playing the starring role. The purpose is to recognize the many West Coast species that depend on salmon for their existence... the "chain of life".

The design shows an orca hunting salmon under the light of the moon. The orca is an important symbol in First Nations culture and storytelling. Jason explains "the killer whale is often associated with fidelity as they select a mate for life. But they are also associated with long life, protection and the nurturing of long term friendships."

The moon was specially represented by an inlaid abalone shell, which is sourced sustainably as a by-product of the New Zealand "Pāua" abalone fishery. Jason included the moon to represent transformational thinking, stating "in our culture, the moon represents a guiding light showing us the way in darkness. In the context of this latest reel design, it represents our capacity to bring about long lasting change to protect, honour and nurture our natural surroundings for future generations."

Listed at CAD $799 each, there will be only 90 "Orca, Salmon & Moon" reels created for the limited edition - each hand carved in mahogany then numbered and signed by the artist. In the first week of public release, 30% of the edition has sold out.

There are also 6 "Artist Proofs" featuring some unique embellishment by Mr. Hunt and not available for sale to the public. These special reels have been reserved for donation to organizations focused on salmon conservation and habitat rehabilitation projects around the Pacific Northwest. PEETZ is pleased to report that the first two Artist Proofs were donated to the Pacific Salmon Foundation and auctioned off for $4500 each at the 2016 West Coast Resorts Salmon Masters Dinner and Action in May.

To learn more about PEETZ Artist Series initiative and to reserve an 'Orca Salmon & Moon' reel for your collection, follow the link:

About Jason Henry Hunt:

Born in 1973, Jason has practised his craft for almost his whole life. Son of Kwaguilth carver and artist Stanley Clifford, he has developed into a well known master carver under the guidance of his father and uncles, Tony Hunt and Richard Hunt. Jason prefers using classic hand tools and old world techniques passed down generations from his great-grandfather Mungo Martin. In a family of renowned Kwaguilth carvers, Jason works hard to carry the family name, and is the youngest member of the family to continue this legacy.

Jason creates signature pieces from totem poles and large scale masks to jewelry, paintings and custom pieces for collectors. Looking back to the first Artist Series reels Mr. Hunt carved, he is amazed with "the response from the community, fishermen, and collectors". He and PEETZ are happy to play a small role in local salmon restoration and habitat rehabilitation projects, and are excited to be able to continue doing so. Jason is happy to help with salmon habitat preservation as well as raising the profile of West Coast art around the world.

About PEETZ Outdoors:

Founded by Boris Cecil Peetz in 1925, PEETZ Outdoors has been crafting high quality fishing reels, rods and tackle for generations of passionate West Coast fishermen. The Company is located at 2740 Rock Bay Avenue in Victoria, British Columbia and was owned and operated by Bill Hoosen from 1977. In late 2014, Art Aylesworth, Marc Hoelscher and Shawn Aylesworth purchased the company.

PEETZ famous mahogany and brass reels are produced in limited numbers by hand using traditional methods. PEETZ continues to utilize many of the tools and jigs created by Boris Peetz nearly a century ago. To its knowledge, PEETZ Outdoors is the only remaining manufacturer of Nottingham-style wood reels in the world. For more information visit or call 250.383.5342.

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