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Nootka/Esperanza Early Season Salmon Tips

By Westview Marina, 🕔Thu, Feb 4th, 2016


 The season begins with good projections of Chinook and Coho returns from the Department of Fisheries (DFO) for all of Nootka Sound and Esperanza Inlet (Area 25). This 2016 Spring/King run will be in numbers similar to last year which was great but, it is also projected to be a good year for Tyees (30+ lb) Chinook migrating past and into our local area.

Last year the catching of winter spring was at an all-time high especially in Esperanza Inlet. Why? The many inlets like Zeballos, Tahsis, Espinosa, inner Esperanza and Hecate Channel all have proved to be excellent inside calm water fishing. That means on those windy late winter and early spring days you can always find Hot Spots which are holding fish. Again, why? At the mouths of all these inlet and around the points inside the inlets and channels there is lots of bait. The combination of calm water and lots of bait makes for excellent early season Chinook fishing/catching. These Salmon are gorging on needle fish and shiners. Fish deep near bottom along edges that drop from 100ft to 120-150ft.

Baits to use. This is always an interesting subject. Glow Coho Killers, 4”live Coyote image spoons, green glow hoochies or your favorite lure behind a flasher all work .BUT, what are all these lures simulating? BAIT- Yes the real thing 5-5.5” anchovies hands down out fishes all the hardware & software out there when fished properly in this early season fishery. Put a anchove in a glow or glow/green Rhys Davies or a Kripple header rigged with two hooks one mid-body the second a stinger at the tail. Make sure it is rolling properly before sending it down. Then hold on. You will out fish your buddy on the other side of the boat using hardware especially in this winter and early spring fishery. “Good things come to those who BAIT”!

As the days get longer and weather improves just off shore is the Salmon Super Highway where you will find those 1 million Columbia River and other west coast migrating Chinook & lots of opportunity to fish for abundant Halibut and Ling Cod. Come join the fun, fishing and catching in Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound.

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