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Just 2 days left! Buy a $30 Shirt to Support

By Pacific Salmon Foundation, 🕔Tue, Sep 20th, 2016


Every year, the Pacific Salmon Foundation recieves upwards of $30,000 in requests to support salmon education programs in schools. Education is key to salmon conservation because it instills knowledge and appreciation for salmon and how to protect them in the next generation. That's why we launched a campaign to raise $10,000 in one month. The campaign ends on Thursday, September 22 and we have just over $3,000 more to go. 

Buy an item today

How you can help:

  1. Buy a t-shirt, print or poster featuring the five Pacific salmon species in their spawning phase
  2. Share the campaign with family and friends and encourage them to support 

Each of the items below feature limited edition artwork created by artist Bill Watterson. Watterson created the images to represent the colors and patterns unique to each species so that kids can learn to identify them. By buying an item you will help ensure that salmon will keep swimming in our watersheds for generations to come!

Spawning Salmon T-Shirt

Chinook Giclee Print on Stretched Canvas

Coho Giclee Print on Stretched Canvas

Chum Giclee Print on Stretched Canvas

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