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Regulation Changes Encourage Family Fishing

By British Columbia Newsroom, Feb 12th, 2015

VICTORIA - Fishing families are getting additional opportunity to pass down their knowledge to the next generation, w ...

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Even Downriggers need a little TLC

By Scotty Fishing Products, Feb 11th, 2015

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and we thought we would take the time to remind all you fishing enthusiast ...

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Catch and Release...Doing it Right

By Sara Northrup, Research Biologist, FFSBC and Brian Chan , Feb 11th, 2015

Published in BC Outdoors Sport Fishing Magazine's Spring 2010 edition

British Columbia is ble ...

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Seal Wrestles Octopus in Rarely Captured Scene in B.C. Waters

By CBC News, Feb 11th, 2015

A fight between a harbour seal and giant pacific octopus in the waters off Victoria's Ogden Point on Monday drew a cr ...

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Is disease affecting salmon abundance?

By Pacific Salmon Foundation, Feb 10th, 2015

If you followed the news stories about salmon last year, you may remember the concern around salmon disease. Although ...

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Scotty Line Puller

By Scotty Fishing Products, Feb 9th, 2015

The Scotty Line Puller is the ultimate crab and prawn trap pulling machine. This compact puller makes for easy stowin ...

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February River Drift Special $425.00!

By Island Outfitters, Feb 7th, 2015

Book a day trip for up to two people on the Cowichan River for only $425 + t ...

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Braided Lines

By Scotty Fishing Products, Feb 6th, 2015

Scotty Premium 200 lb. test Power Braid is our latest high tech, low drag, black microfilament braided downrigger lin ...

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30 Years of Hatchery Contributions

By Rivers Inlet Sportsman's Club, Feb 5th, 2015

For over 30 years our Lodge Association, made up of operators in the Rivers Inlet/Hakai Pass Area, have contributed t ...

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Downrigger Theft Deterrent System

By Scotty Fishing Products, Feb 5th, 2015

Protect your Scotty downriggers with our new downrigger and mount locking systems. Works in conjuction with your exi ...

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